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We believe that “Data” is lifeblood or the oxygen of an organisation which is supported by process, technology and people as “Data” enables these. An organisation that uses data assets to generate data driven outcomes to drive decision making or customer experience is neither a data driven nor has a data driven culture.

A true “data driven” or “data culture” centric organisation is the one that knows how to treat data as a corporate and competitive asset effectively and efficiently by managing the “lifecycle of data assets” that would enable it to organise activities, make decisions, drive outcomes, manage risks and resolve conflicts.

We “live” and “breath” data as it is our business.

We have an end to end “Data Monetization Framework TM” that helps organisations to become data driven by building sustainable data driven culture across the organisation (top down and bottom up) and enable organisations to maximise the value of the data assets that they collect, organise, store, use and retain/destruct (internal and external) to generate sustainable business, customer, partner and shareholder value.

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Data Monetization Framework ™

Our framework is designed with one objective in mind – monetizing the value of data. Monetization of data could be internal or external. For example, using data driven insights to improve operational efficiency is internal data monetization. Building business products to provide personalised products to customers with using data driven insights is external data monetization. Building a data driven culture in an organisation is a journey and does not happen overnight or cannot be implemented as a big bang. Our framework guides organisations to build data driven capability in phases through a well-defined data strategy and roadmap that is in alignment with the organisation’s strategic direction and priority. Our framework helps organisations pick the data capability they want to build and our framework provides the most comprehensive end to end data capability in the industry. Our data experts have several years of experience in implementing the components of the framework.

Our Solutions

Our Data Monetization Framework ™ framework is designed with one objective in mind – monetizing the true value of data with our expertise in Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning/AI, in addition to traditional statistical modelling based solutions.




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